Thursday, November 11, 2010

The UGG alternative

UGG brand boots continue to be hot.

I see them worn by young women all over Oakland University's campus. I've even seen them worn by women closer to my own age.

UGGs are not new. They have been worn in Australia and New Zealand for almost 200 years.

Here in the U.S., UGGs are big business and come with a price tag between $100 - $200 a pair.

But in actuality, the cost is much higher because they are made of fleece and sheepskin leather -- the skin of a dead animal that was stripped off while it was alive and would continue to decompose if it wasn't treated with oodles of chemicals.

If that makes you cringe, I've found a cruelty-free alternative from Alternative Outfitters Vegan Boutique out of Pasadena, Calif. Here they are on the left.

According to the the website, the boots are made of micro-suede uppers and lined with faux fur. They are available in camel and black for $48 + shipping. But the best part is -- nobody gets killed.

Alternative Outfitters says "all products are non-leather and comply with the vegetarian and/or vegan ethic." The company also strives to make sure products are manufactured under fair trade conditions.

Why not try a pair? Alternative Outfitters also offers other vegetarian/vegan products and apparel.

And nobody gets killed.

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