Thursday, November 25, 2010

New airport security measures carry risks for women


There has been much discussion this week as the new TSA airport security measures were unveiled; airline passengers do have a choice, but both options of airport security measures present health concerns for certain groups of women. Pregnant women, cancer patients and women with other health problems have concerns about the radiation risks of the new airport scanners; in addition, women who opt for the alternative “pat down” may feel uncomfortable, an invasion of privacy or, in some instances, humiliated or threatened.

The health implications of airport scanners

The new airport scanners introduced under the TSA airport security measures require that you step into a booth with your arms raised above your head. In order to produce a photo image of your body, the airport scanner will either use electromagnetic waves or low energy X-rays, depending on the type of scanner used.

Although official guidelines indicate that the amount of radiation emitted from the airport scanners is “minimal”, some people may feel that the risk is not worth it. In addition, women who are pregnant, have/had cancer or other associated health problems are more vulnerable to the perceived risks than others.

TSA airport security pat downs: Why some women will fear them

The alternative to the airport scanner is a “pat down” by a member of airport security. The “pat down” has sparked debate because of its “intrusive” nature of the patting down of “private parts.” Women may find this more distressing in certain instances. In addition, for women who have been a victim of abuse, or raped, the whole process of the “pat down” could be more than she could endure.

Women's health and airport security measures

Airport security is of utmost importance but the new TSA airport security measures may cause health problems, either physically or emotionally, for many women. Flying suddenly got a whole lot more “risky” in terms of women's health – if you suffer from the problems mentioned. Learn as much as you can about the new TSA airport security measures before taking a flight this holiday season.

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