Saturday, November 13, 2010

One year later -- I'm still advocating feminism

"Welcome to my blog. I hope you find it a mind-blowing, eye-opening, or at least through-provoking experience."

Those were the words I wrote exactly one year ago today.

As I pause to look back on my work, I gives me great pleasure to say, "It is good."

The funny thing about a blog is that you never know who's looking. You never know who you can touch, affect or change.

My most profound experience came as the result of a poetry podcast I did back in April. The poem was "I am a woman in ice" by Martha Courtot.

The only criteria I have for selection of my monthly poetry reading and commentary is that the poem speaks to me. This particular selection spoke loudly and clearly. It spoke of emerging out of a frozen state into the light.

In the course of research for my commentary, the Internet revealed very little information about the late poet. She didn't even have a Wikipedia entry -- so I mentioned that I'd liked to give her one.

I got chills when I was later contacted by her daughters who periodically Google their mother's name to see if anyone is studying her poems or writing about her. They were delighted with the idea of giving her a "wiki." I have one in process and hope to polish and publish it after I wrap up my studies at Oakland University in a few weeks.

The really cool thing is, I now have a picture of Martha to share with the world. When I read poetry or literature, I like to have a face to go with the writer's "voice." Seeing her image and
reading her words brought her to life for me in a profound moment.

I hope the family won't mind if I share Martha's photo here.

I've also found that there's no telling what people will read.

My post titled, "The Tudors: A lusty study of partriarchy" has surpassed all my other entries in terms of number of hits.

It is followed by "All aboard the 80s musical time machine," which featured a couple of my favorite songs from Peter Gabriel's 1986 album "So."

Another popular post is "The Cinderella Syndrome and Other Tales of Gender Conditioning" -- a paper I wrote way back when I first started my adventure into women and gender studies on the way to becoming the angry feminist I am today.

Over the course of the year, I've registered the blog with and I do believe this connection has enabled me to broaden my audience and I am thrilled to see hits from all over the world where women's movements are growing.

If I can open just one mind, or touch just one life -- then I've done my job.

But, I don't want to stop there. I want to take my blog forward with me as I leave my Oakland University family and venture out into the brave new world of media and feminism.

It's going to be an exciting journey -- and I hope you will join me. If you like what you're reading, follow me and encourage others to do so. Together we will grow and continue to make a difference.

Welcome to my blog, welcome to my world.

Blessed be.


  1. I took this photo of Martha in 1974 the first week I'd met her. I'm so curious as to how you got it. I made copies for her daughters and emailed them the photo, but how did it end up on your blog?

    I lived with her in a women's collective in upstate New York for a year, then we corresponded for another seven, before we lost track of each other.

  2. Hello,
    I have a book in publication in which I would like to use a poem by Martha Courtot.
    Can you advise me re which one of her daughters holds the rights to her work?
    I would be greatly appreciative.
    Thanks so much,
    Bette Freedson