Friday, January 15, 2010

Poetry Podcast - "Polemic #1" by Honor Moore

Welcome to poetry podcast.

I think this is an awesome poem for our initial podcast featuring – but not limited to – feminist poems.

Listen to the poem here:

About this poem:

The poet, Honor Moore, edited a poetry collection entitled “Poems from the Women’s Movement,” published last year. The book contains 58 poetry selections, including this one by Moore herself.

Her personal collections of poetry include, “Red Shoes,” “Darling,” and “Memoir.”

What is (a) polemic?

Moore says, “So I write this polemic I call a poem and say, ‘Write poems, women’”

By definition, a polemic refers to an argument or controversial discussion or a person inclined to engage in argument or disputation.

Moore certainly makes her argument urging women to write outside of the male approval desire filter. She is also (a) polemic herself.

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Print a copy of the poem from Moore’s website archives here:

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I selected this poem because it encourages women to write and make their voices known. What I’ve learned from my personal writing experience is that not everything has to be a masterpiece. Sometimes it’s just important to get the message on paper and release it to the universe.

Not enough of us are doing this. So, I echo Moore’s invitation, “Write poems, women.”

Submit a poem to poetry podcast. It can be a feminist poem, a favorite poem, or an original work. The only requirement is that I must be able to read it in 2-3 minutes. Email your poem to:

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