Friday, January 8, 2010

Just for fun -- Cherie's "find"

I love Found magazine. It's a collection of notes and writings people have found.

It all started with a note that magazine founder and editor Davy Rothbart found on his car one night. Its intended recipient was a guy named Mario. The writer was a girl named Amber. In it, he found "an amazing mixture of anger and hopefulness." Davy started to share the note with friends who, in turn, shared stuff they found, and so on, until the magazine was born.

Real Detroit sometimes features items from the magazine's collection.

Recently, I had a proFOUND experience at the Troy Public Library. The Friends of the Troy Public Library operate a used book store in the basement. Money from its sales is used to fund library lecture series and workshops -- but that's not the best part.

Old stock is periodically moved out. These books are offered upstairs by the peace garden entrance/exit FREE. Of course, the selection is whatever happens to be there at the time.

Sometimes, there are gems to be found.

I recently spotted a copy of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology" that was like new. I'm not a big believer in astrology, but sometimes it's fun, so I took the book.

Inside, I found the following poem written on a sheet of notepaper:

We Never Thought!

We never thought the first
time we met.

We never thought that we
would get.

We never thought that we would

We never thought till I
seen you walk (sic).

I never thought that
I would find

A good close friend
That I could call mine!


Love Always

So who was Tim and who was he writing to all those years ago? How did the note come to be in the astrology book? We'll never know, but it sure is fascinating to think about.

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