Sunday, November 15, 2009

Equal Opportunity WGS

Benjamin Lemon, 19, is one of two male majors in Oakland University’s Women and Gender Studies program When I first spotted him at the WSG Fall Luncheon on Thursday, Nov. 12, I am embarrassed to admit my curiosity was mixed with suspicion.

So, I asked him to, “Tell me why, as a male, you are majoring in women’s studies – and be honest.” I must admit he handled my challenge with grace and honesty.

Benjamin wants to be a counselor some day and believes the knowledge he gains in the WGS program will lead him to a better understanding of women’s issues that will help him in his practice.

The most surprising thing he’s learned is that the program is that it is not all about man bashing, although that perception is still alive on campus.

Yet, attitudes are changing, if even on a small scale. Now that the program’s male enrollment has grown from one student to two, “we’ve experienced a 100% increase,” says the program’s director, Jo Reger.

As the luncheon progressed, and Benjamin’s sincerity continued to surface, I realized that we need more young people like him who want to foster cooperation and understanding between the sexes. Here is somebody who really “gets it.”

Anthony Paletta asks, “Where are the men for Women’s Studies?” check it out at:

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