Monday, July 4, 2011

On Independence Day: Celebrating the freedom of choice

From the Detroit Free Press:

Rhonda Walker courtesy of

"I am thankful for all forms of freedom ... However, freedom of choice means the most to me in a broader sense than just the constitutional right for women to choose as it relates to bearing children.  Overall, our ability to make our choices for what we want and want best for our lives is a freedom every human being of sound mind should be afforded." 
--Rhonda Walker, WDIV anchor and founder of The Rhonda Walker Foundation

The foundation's goal is   "To empower inner city teen girls towards becoming strong, confident, successful and moral future leaders."

Its motto:

Respect Myself and Others
Walk With Confidence
Fearless and Faithful

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  1. Check out the following video: I think the guy in it must have a lot of respect for women if he is apologizing the entire history of rapists. (Mind you, it doesn't do much, but its a nice gesture.)