Friday, November 20, 2009

"Going Veg" is Easier Than You Think

My husband, Chris, and I have been vegetarians since May 2008.

We have always felt strongly about animals. I even had my own rescue and adoption practice. The more we learned, and the more we interacted with the animals, we came to realize that you cannot support the cruelty, oppression, and domination that go along with eating them. This prompted us to make the dietary change.

“(Now ) I can eat my dinner and nobody gets killed,” Chris often says. “No more animals will die so that I can eat.”

Before I go further, I need to explain the difference between vegetarian and vegan. They are not the same.

Vegetarians are primarily concerned with what they eat. Dairy products and eggs are allowed on a vegetarian diet.

Vegans are stricter and do not consume any animal products. This extends to their clothing, shoes, and cosmetics in addition to food.

“I am vegetarian, but I hope to be vegan soon,” Dr. Laura Landolt, an assistant professor in OU’s political science department, told her feminist theory class, “It’s really hard to give up cheese … but I’ve done it before.”

It is easier than ever to make the “veg transition” thanks to products known as “fabulous fakes.” MorningStar Farms makes delicious vegetarian versions of burgers, sausage links, “chik’n patties,” and “chik’n nuggets.” Both MorningStar and Boca Burger offer soy crumbles that can be substituted for mean in soups and sauces.

Amy’s makes a line of vegetarian and vegan products (read the labels.) This company offers many frozen entrées that only take a few minutes to prepare in the microwave. Amy’s also makes soups. Amy’s products are available at Meijer and Target. Start with soup, follow with an entrée, add a green salad, and a piece of fruit for dessert. It’s easy.

Study vegetarianism; see if it speaks to you. Try going meatless once a week. Even if you can’t do it perfectly, every little bit helps to curb the cruelty, domination, and oppression, which extends to women, children, and the planet.

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  1. I love animals and all of our natural world....insects, amphibians,spiders, all flora and fauna! I love eating veggies and fruit, but if we were created to eat only veggies,grains and fruit we would have peg-like teeth just like other herbivores(cows). We have ripping and tearing teeth plus peg-like teeth. We are omnivores. Good luck with vegetarianism. I have no problem with anyone, with whatever causes or beliefs they have. Keep tight with a nutritionist and or doctor. Be careful. The "veggie diet" can be a difficult one to correctly follow.