Monday, March 21, 2011

Michigan NOW's Women's HERtory Quiz

See how well you know you're HERstory.  Questions courtesy of Michigan NOW and the National Women's History Project.  Answers at the bottom -- don't peek :)
  1. Who became the first female Secretary of State of the United States, appointed by President Clinton in 1997?
  2. Who took over the management of Columbia Sportswear company in the late 1930s when it was nearly bankrupt and turned it into the largest American ski apparel company worth $4 billion in 1972?
  3. Who was the first women in modern history to lead a major Native American tribe, the Cherokee Nation?
  4. Who was the first American woman poet whose poetry was published in London in 1650?
  5. Who was considered the first American woman to be ordained by full denominational authority and who also campaigned vigorously for women's suffrage?

1.  Madeleine Albreight 
2.  Gert Boyle
3. Wilma Mankiller
4.  Ann Bradstreet
5.  Olympia Brown

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