Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just for fun: "In Living Color" and the gender exchange

Kelly Coffield Park (top left) with the cast of "In Living Color."
Back in the early '90s, there was a show called "In Living Color."  

On it, the Wayans family challenged all kinds of stereotypes.  Nothing was off limits.  Not race, not sex, not religion, not even disabilities.

Among the cast members pushing the boundaries of the show's audience was a very talented comedian and actress, Kelly Coffield Park.  Among her characters were two "gender exchanged" comedians:  Andrea Dice Clay, based on Andrew Dice Clay, and Samantha Kinison, based on Sam Kinison.

While the real Clay and Kinison pushed boundaries on their own, Coffield Park's characters raised an interesting question:  Because of traditional sex and gender roles, would it be acceptable for a woman to perform raunchy material strictly for shock value?

Even in today's entertainment arena, where a desensitized audience has become more difficult  to "shock," its still not considered completely acceptable for a woman to perform controversial material in a way that's less than "ladylike." 

For your viewing pleasure, here is "In Living Color's" experiment in "gender exchange."  Enjoy and don't be afraid to lol.

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  1. Now a days I look to Lisa Lamonelli for my womanly shock factor ;)
    She's a very raunchy female comedian.