Monday, August 30, 2010

Two great reasons to shop Avon now

Reason #1:

Avon sets and example as a socially-responsible corporation.

Since 2008, Avon and UNIFEM have partnered to end violence against women.

100% of the profits from their "Empowerment" products goes to the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

In addition to the original bracelet and necklace, Avon has added a ring($5), t-shirt($15), and wrap ($15).

Great gifts for a great cause.

Reason #2:

Avon sets and example as an environmentally-responsible corporate neighbor.

Avon has launched the "Hello Green Tomorrow" campaign to replenish South America's Atlantic Rainforest -- the lungs of the earth.

According to the program's website, it's goal is to "empower a global women’s environmental movement to nurture nature, leveraging our unique ability to educate, engage and mobilize worldwide through our women-to-women network of over 6 million Sales Representatives. Every dollar plants a tree. We started with a contribution of $1 million to plant 1 million trees in South America's Atlantic Rainforest."

Your $1 contribution can be added to your Avon order.

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