Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ecofeminism in action: The story of "Pick Up Line"

I was not aware that fishing line left in the water can cause so much harm to wildlife.

The problem goes beyond this story I did for The Oakland Press:

Water fowl dying from fishing line left in area lakes -- 19 Aug. 2010

In the process of researching the story, I met Pamm Tarchinski of Grand Haven, Mich.

Pamm is a wildlife enthusiast who saw an environmental problem and took responsibility to solve it.

After seeing many water birds injured by "spooled off" fishing line left in the water of the ponds and lakes near her home, she began to do research.

She found out the problem goes far beyond local ponds and lakes. It extends to the ocean where it can affect animals as large as whales.

Pamm also found a solution in special recycling containers made from PVC pipe and connectors placed in strategic locations around lakes and rivers.

She initiated a local project with help from her neighbors, Grand Haven's city council, and its department of public works.

Here's Pamm with one of her containers that can yield up to a bushel of fishing line every two weeks:

Pamm has a website where she has instructions for making the recycling containers.

Also included is her documentary called -- appropriately -- "Pick Up Line."

Pamm has put personal responsibility together with ingenuity to protect our environment and our fellow earthlings.

And that is ecofeminism in action.

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