Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ecofeminism in action: Camp Casey

Yes, we are all earthlings.

Definition: One who inhabits the earth.

But, until we experience a personal connection with another species, the true meaning of those words can be lost on us.

I recently met three ladies who make that personal connection possible for children at a time in their lives when they can be fragile and vulnerable.

Enter Molly Melamed, Lauren Maiman, and Amy Gill, all of Ferndale, Mich.

They run an organization called Camp Casey.

Camp Casey provides horseback riding camps and other horse-related activities for children who are suffering from cancer and their families.

In the process Camp Casey does two unique things -- strengthens family connections and makes interspecies connection possible.

And that is ecofeminism in action -- right here in Oakland County.

Read my article about Camp Casey here:

Camp Casey events focus on families -- The Oakland Press 02 August 2010

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