Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just for fun: Dead End Jobs Mystery Movie

I'm having so much fun catching up on "The Dead End Job Mystery Series" by Elaine Viets (see my prevouis post Fun Fictional Females) that I've conceived and cast the movie version -- if only in my dreams.

Really, though, this would be a wonderful franchise.

Plus -- the cast is age-appropriate and attractive. I should have been a casting agent.

As Helen, the stubborn heroine who ends up in Florida working dead end jobs for cash to evade her ex-husband, Rob: Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock ("The Blindside," "Crash," "Miss Congeniality.")

As Phil, Helen's mysterious neighbor: Brendan Fraser ("Crash," "The Mummy", "Bedazzled.") There's more to Phil than meets the eye.

As Margery Flax, Helen's street smart land lady who keeps her secrets: Helen Mirren ("Love Ranch," "State of Play," "National Treasure Book of Secrets.")

As Peggy, Helen's neighbor who's never without her avian companion, Pete the parrot: Debra Messing ("Will & Grace," "Along Came Polly.")

As Cal, Helen's notoriously cheap Canadian neighbor who spends only enough time across the border to qualify for national health care: Jim Carrey ("Yes Man," "Bruce Almighty.")

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