Sunday, June 13, 2010

And then there's "The Real Girls"

It's not "Sex and the City."

It's not "The L Word."

What it is is a smartly written venture into global feminism.

What it is is "The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else."

"The Real Girl's Guide" is a web series of six episodes ranging in length from five to ten minutes each.

This is truly original programming that was written, produced, and financed by women.

The story begins with a Rahsha, a journalist who wants to write a book about the plight of women in Afghanistan.

Her publisher, however, has other ideas. Research will never sell, she's told. What the publisher wants is a "chick lit(erature)" book about dating in the middle-east.

Rahsha employs what feminist researcher Arlene Daniels called "interactional shitwork" -- basically navigating the internal personal and political processes to gain cooperation -- along with some clever writing, to get her message across.

Of course, she draws support from her girlfriends -- a diverse group of women who know how to keep it real.

There's Sydney, an artist/graphic designer; Angie, a nurse; Vanna, a singer; and Liz, a book editor.

NPR has praised this series and had this interview with the cast of "Real Girls."

Is this a step towards an independent feminist media? We could be looking at the future here as far as the way shows are produced using the tools of today's brave new world.

Watch all six first season episodes of "The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else here.

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