Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Acts of green kick off the summer

Summer has unofficially started and the Memorial Day weekend has come and gone.

Our weekend was mellow; mainly relaxation at home and a trip to Lowe's and Bordine's for our traditional flower planting and yard projects.

In the process, we chalked up a few "acts of green." What better way to usher out spring and welcome summer?

>We planted another tree in the backyard. Chris found this cutie at Lowe's for $10. She's little, but she'll get bigger. She's a Colorado Blue Spruce and can grow up to 30 feet tall.

In fact, according to an Associated Press article, by Lee Reich, from the May 27 Free Press, it's better to plant a smaller tree.

"Financial considerations aside, research has shown that if a large and small tree of the same species are planted under similar conditions, growth of the smaller tree often outstrips that of the larger one after a few years.

One reason why smaller trees grow better is they suffer proportionately less root loss in transplanting. A larger tree needs a lot more water to recover from its move, and because it takes longer to re-establish itself, watering must be continued longer, often for a few years."

>Instead of using a chemical weed killer to rid our driveway cracks of weeds, we used a product called "Burn Out" made of lemon juice and vinegar. It works best in hot temperatures and is available at

>I found a pair of vegan (contains no animal products, such as leather) summer shoes at Target --"Oceana" by Mossimo Supply Company ($17.99.) Finding vegan shoes is a challenging task -- but worth the effort because nobody gets killed.

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