Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rolfe family adopts nature center box turtle

The Lloyd Stage Nature Center in Troy is facing closure due to the city's budget cutbacks.

So what will happen to the little "critters" who live in the nature center's main building -- including tiger salamanders, toads, green frogs, and box turtles?

We could assume that they would be transferred to another nature center or zoo -- but I haven't been able to get a firm answer from the Stage's staff.

Chris and I decided to adopt a female box turtle. Our year-long sponsorship will provide for her food and care while she lives at the nature center.

So, if the nature center closes next year, will the Rolfe family be welcoming a new addition to the family? We'll have to wait and see.

But, I'm thinking, why not let a Troy resident take care of the turtle? I know I could give her the quality care and personal attention she deserves. I found lots of care information at a fun website,

As part of our adoption package, we will receive a certificate and a piece of original "art" made by the turtle.

Stacey Yankee, the nature center's manager, explains that the turtle is dipped in blueberry puree, which is nontoxic, and is then placed on paper to "create." (I want to make a video of this process, so stay tuned.)

And -- show support for the nature center by dropping in for a visit! It truly is Troy's best-kept secret that shouldn't be a secret.

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