Friday, February 5, 2010

Just for Fun: Cherie's art gallery

"Art is not living -- it is the use of living." -- Audre Lorde

The late feminist Audre Lorde encouraged women to express themselves through art and poetry.

Here is my adventure in art.

During the 2008 fall semester, I took Studio Art 102 with Martyn Bouskila. This was a challenging and time-consuming class. On the first day, Martyn told us, "If anyone thinks this is a blow-off art class -- it ain't!" I worked hard and pushed my personal boundaries. Best of all, I had the opportunity to meet some very talented OU artists.

These are some of my creations -- try not to laugh -- but if you do, it's OK :)


"Quote and Unquote" was one of my first creations. It was a study in proximity.

"Disecting Crosses" was a study in repetition.

"Shoe Tree" was a study in cross-hatching -- a pencil technique.

"Tool Box Trinkets"

"Together" as study in abstraction.

"Harvest Time" (see the sickles?) is a notan -- a study in positive and negative space.

Not a notan -- but still cool I think.

"Tree Tops"

"Bikini Girl" (as well as "Tree Tops) was supposed to be a study in distortion. According to Martyn, I missed the mark and drew "a cartoon." Oh well!

"Rainy Day" was inspired by Jackson Pollock.

"Swans With Signets" was supposed to be a study in focal point. Some of my fellow students thought these were ice bergs.

"Bagels and Bananas" was a study in color theory.

The sculpture "Crayons" was my masterpiece -- I still have it on display at home.

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