Friday, February 5, 2010

Feminism in space: Part 1

I caught this episode of "Lost in Space," entitled "The Colonists," on WADL, channel 38. It presents an interesting perspective on feminism in the context of the time of its original broadcast.

"Lost in Space" ran on CBS from 1965 to 1968 and was created by Irwin Allen.

It was the story of the Robinson family who are on a mission to explore the possibility of life in other galaxies. Their destination is Alpha Centauri. Their spaceship, the Jupiter 2, is sabotaged and they end up, well, lost in space.

Meet the Robinson family:

Professor John Robinson (Guy Williams)
Maureen Robinson, his wife (June Lockhart)
Judy Robinson, their daughter (Marta Kristen)
Penny Robinson, their younger daughter (Angela Cartwright)
Will Robinson, their son (Billy Mumy)

Then there's Major Don West (Mark Goddard), a graduate student; Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris), the saboteur who is responsible for the Robinson's "detour;"
and the series' break-out character, the Robot (voiced by Bob May.)

In this particular episode, the Robinson's are captured by the noble Neolani- a leader of a female warrior nation whose goal is to colonize the planet where the Robinson are marooned.

In this society, women rule and are privileged -- it's a matriarchy.

These ladies have no use for men, who are only valued for their strength, and turn them into drone workers.

Watch the episode here. Then come back for part two of "Feminism in Space."


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  1. I remember this episode from when I was about 6. I knew even then that it was the right path.