Friday, November 11, 2011

Best of the Blog: Celebrating two years online

Everybody does it.  From TV shows to rock bands, the concept of a "Best of ..." show, album or book is a popular way to commemorate career or lifetime milestones.

For me and "this little blog o'mine," that milestone is two years online.

But, what determines "the best?" For most artists, actors or authors, popularity is the criterion based on input from a fan base or sales.

For this particular "best of" feature, I've decided to showcase my most popular posts based on page views alongside what I personally consider to be some of my best-written and most important posts.  It's a great opportunity for exploration and examination.  Links are there for your convenience.  Thanks for reading.  Enjoy!

"I Advocate Feminism ... a mini-blogzine's top five blog posts:

1.  A different view of the Willendorf Project

2.  Of Frankenstein and Feminism

3.  Jennifer Granholm talks about gender politics

4.  Ancient people revered the sacred feminine 

5.  Equitable equine enthusiasm

Cherie's top Five Blog Posts:

1.  Sexism is at the root of girl-on-girl crime 

Defined as,"the ugly way women treat each other in social, business and political situations that result in a sabotage of success," I see girl-on-girl crime as as the number one reason women cannot achieve more in social, business and political arenas -- and even within feminist circles.  A great piece for self examination.

Possibly the best piece I've written in this venue.  My husband Chris paid me a high compliment when he said, "This should be in a magazine."

3.  An economy based on feminized labor?

Eye-opening information from the book, "Feminism Seduced."  Comment from the author is still a high point in blog history.

4.  Sexual Politics of Meat set to music
Nothing makes the connection between the oppression of animals and women or builds the case for a feminist/vegetarian connection better than Carol J. Adams' own voice.

5.  Pro-choice and Pro-abortion are not the same thing

At a time when reproductive rights are being aggressively challenged, the title of this post, combined with the common sense feminism of bell hooks, conveys a very important message that needs to be heard and understood.

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