Monday, August 22, 2011

Oakland County NOW president receives feminist award

Kimberly Beebe
Kimberly Beebe, president of the National Organization for Women, Oakland County Chapter will be honored on Friday, Aug. 26 for her contributions to the area's feminist community.

Beebe, a resident of Ferndale, will receive the Betty Friedan Award from the Wayne County chapter of NOW.

The chapter's past president Gerrie Barclay said, "Kim has reinvigorated the chapter, infused several extremely successful events with her enthusiasm, organizational skills and passion.  Kim has reached out to people and diverse groups in Oakland County and has included them in the rubric of the Oakland Chapter."

In 2010, Beebe was chosen as a feminist liaison by Natalie Mosher, 11th District Congressional candidate. She is also serving on the advisory commission of the Women's Commission for Oakland County.

Other award recipients include Gloria House, the Harriet Tubman Award; Gilda Jacobs, the Loretta Moore Award; and Rosemary Robinson, the Susan B. Anthony Award.

G. Asenath Andrews, principal of the Catherine Ferguson Academy and artist Mary Luevanos will also be honored.

The Awards will be given on August 26 at NOW’s celebration of Women’s Equality Day. All are invited to attend. The celebration begins at 5 pm and runs until 8 pm. It will feature a dinner al fresco along the Detroit River just a couple doors down from Manoogian Manor. The price is $35. Please RSVP

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