Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart-a-fact: Another reason to consume less meat

It's good to see that women are being included in heart health studies.  This one, "Major Dietary Protein Sources and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease," by Dr. Adam Bernstein of the Harvard School of Public Health included over 84,000 women ages 30-55 and specifically looked at meat consumption over a 26-year period. 

According to the study, women who consumed two servings per day of red meat, as compared to those who consumed only half a serving per day, had a 30 percent higher risk of developing coronary heart disease. Compared to eating one serving each day of red meat, women who substituted other protein-rich foods experienced significantly lower risk of coronary heart disease:
  • 30 percent lower risk associated with eating one serving per day of nuts;
  • 13 percent lower risk associated with eating one serving per day of low-fat dairy products.
These findings led the researchers to an important conclusion:

"These data suggest that high red meat intake increases risk of [coronary heart disease] and that [coronary heart disease] risk may be reduced importantly by shifting sources of protein in the U.S. diet."

From Cherie's Desk:  In addition to nuts and dairy products, the study also recommended chicken and fish as alternate sources of protein -- but who wants to see anybody get killed?  By avoiding these animal proteins, we can also care for the health of our figurative hearts and unburden our consciences of cruelty.

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