Monday, January 17, 2011

Poetry Podcast: "Carry Me" by Doris Runey

Welcome to my first Poetry Podcast of 2011.

This poem was written by one of my favorite Oakland University professors, Doris Runey.

I met Doris in the summer of 2008. I took her modern literature class as a general education requirement.

In addition to being a gifted teacher who encourages new thinking among her students, Doris is a multitalented writer, poet, sculptor, translator and musician. She's also a filmmaker with a wonderful project the works called "Lorelei."

Doris is pro-life. She's also a mom. She wrote this poem for a coworker who was expecting a baby back in 1976. Since then, through the power of the Internet, that baby -- now grown up -- contacted her. It seems the poem has come full circle.

When she wrote the poem, Doris wanted it to express the thoughts and feelings of the child within the womb. It is a moving celebration of life. Enjoy.
Listen to the poem now:

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