Friday, July 30, 2010

Snapshot of a life ...

In four words, that's the definition of an obituary.

Many people are not aware that most of what we see in the papers and online are paid death notices usually placed through a funeral home.

An obituary, however, is an article written by a professional journalist.

There are journalists who have devoted their careers to obituary writing. There is nothing morbid or macabre about it.

Unfortunately, not everybody gets an obituary. It must be requested or there must be some unique, noteworthy aspect of the person's life.

The Detroit Free Press states that it will honor the request if possible, but cannot guarantee when the article will appear in print/online.

In the case of Julia "Judy" Schwanitz of Sylvan Lake, it was her long-time dedication to community and an email from a friend that prompted the publication of her obituary -- and it was my sincere honor to write it.

OBITUARY: JULIA SCHWANITZ: Tour organizer remembered for her design sense -- The Oakland Press 26 July 2010

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